Our Wedding Planning Journey

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Our Wedding Planning Journey


After my beautiful Engagement in Maui, Hawaii I was on cloud nine. It took me a while to come back down to earth and get focused enough to start the planning process.  I had no idea where to get started. Luckily, I was recommended a fabulous wedding planner by my cousin and maid of honor Kathleen.  Barb Walker from French Kiss events and Heyday events.  I spoke to other wedding planning services such as Details Event Planning and Rock Paper Square who are well reviewed and have a nice aesthetic, but things just clicked when we met with Barb.  She was so warm, friendly, yet professional and seemed to understand my vision.  I’m hoping by documenting and sharing my journey it can help other engaged couples in Victoria and preserve this special time for Chris and I to look back on.


Venue Hunting

We decided on a wedding in the Victoria area as we wanted family and friends to be able to attend without too much cost for them being involved.  We also wanted to kick off our marriage in the city we both know and love so much.  I quickly ruled out a few venues based on location and other factors.  The Villa Eyrie Resort was one of those, while beautiful and with professional staff, the risk of the Malahat being closed on our big day made me too nervous to seriously consider this one.  I had heard horror stories of guests and vendors not making it to other couple’s very important day.  Brentwood Bay was another resort I had considered until I found out that we would have to book ALL of their rooms for the wedding.  Unsure of how many people would be needing and wanting to stay there, this just simply didn’t work for us. There were a few others that interested me, but having been to them with Chris for other people’s weddings it just felt as though they “had been done before”.  Hatley Castle I thought looked amazing with its fairytale vibe, but Chris just wasn’t into that idea “too Disney,” he said much to my dismay.

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Chris (reluctantly) looked at my remaining favorite venues with myself and Barb.  He had already known from the beginning which venue he wanted and was just along for the ride. We visited Church & State, Starling Lane, Oak Bay Beach Hotel, The Empress, and Victoria Golf Club. After much deliberation, we decided on Chris’ pick, The Victoria Golf Club.  The others were stunning as well, but Chris has always been a member of the golf club and they’ve treated us like family.  He has many fond memories there with both of his parents and brother, and I loved the idea of us making memories there together as well.  We also liked the fact our guests could enjoy the whole experience in one place without breaking up the magic between bus or taxi rides.  The ceremony is to take place on the 7th hole overlooking the ocean and the reception is only a golf cart ride away. Our guests can stay across the street at the prestigious Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Chris and my favorite staycation spot.

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