Product Review “Maskeraide’s Bubble Bubble Pop Mask”

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We all need to deep-clean our pores every so often, so do it in a bubbly fun way!

The Korean skincare trend, bubble masks, have been blowing up the beauty world.  These carbonated masks are part cleanser, part moisturizer, and part foam party on your face.  Essentially, they aim to clear out your bothersome blackheads, reduce oil and dirt and hydrate using a unique oxygenation process (thus the foam). You probably have heard of oxygen facials by now, where pure o2 (oxygen) is used to pump antioxidants straight into your skin, and bubble masks basically try to imitate that in a much more affordable form. Every brand is different and some bring other healthy ingredients to the fold.

I tried out Maskeraide’s Bubble Bubble Pop today that I received from one of my besties Taryn who works at the Fairmont’s Empress Willowstream Spa.  It contains the following:

Charcoal: Clasps onto toxins and pulls out impurities from the skin for an intense clean and also helps to brighten skin.
7 Sprout Complex: This includes spirulina, wheat extract, green tea, arugula, broccoli extract, ginkgo, and alfalfa. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties and are detoxifying.

Tea Tree – Cleanses pores and reduces sebum production.

Initially, it was a bit hard to put on as the bubbles made it slippery and it was all folded up in the package. After putting it on the bubbles begin to slowly foam up with large puffy bubbles until you end up looking like the an adorable horror movie monster. It felt light and tingly on the skin and genuinely made me laugh out loud, it would be a great product for a girl’s night in.


After rinsing it off after 10 minutes I was immediately struck by how baby-bottom soft my face was.  This mask left my face clean, moist and supple, unlike most masks that tighten up my skin. For $7 this is a great investment and I promise – you will giggle!


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