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While there’s no one English word to describe the Danish concept it can mostly be summarized by the word cozy. It is possible to hygge by yourself, wrapped in a faux fur blanket with a good book, but the honest expression of hygge is joining with loved ones in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.  It embraces taking pleasure from the ordinary, soothing, and in-expensive things in life.

November is the perfect time to pull out all the hygge stops so that your home can be a cozy retreat for the winter, even among the holiday bustle that’s about to start up.  If your interested in how to bring hygge into your own home, put on your chunkiest sweater, grab a warm drink, and check out the below tips:

Light that fire

A desire for coziness is natural in humans, especially in those of us living in snowy, cold climates like in Canada. You can quash all that cold and darkness with a roaring fire.  In fact, fireside may just be the ultimate hygge sanctuary. Try making the hearth the focal point in the room (rather than the TV, for instance).  A flickering fire can immediately make your space feel intimate. 

If you don’t have a fireplace in your house, try adding a string of twinkling lights on the mantle or some candles.  The more candles, the better. It brings out an instant calm and cozy atmosphere raising the spirits and casting a warm glow on a winter evening. Whether it is during a night in by yourself, or while entertaining family and close friends, there isn’t anything more alluring than a room lit up by fire.

Get all the feels

The tactile sense is very important when it comes to a hyggelig interior. The harsh winds and biting temperatures of winter are physically uncomfortable. So find little ways to compensate for all that sensory unpleasantness.   A variety of textures is comforting and offers a gratifying balance to a room. Surround yourself with soft items like comfy furniture, knitted fleece throw blankets, shag rugs, and fluffy pillows.  Imagine letting your hand run across a wooden table, your arms enveloped by a fleecy woolly blanket, or your toes on top of a fur rug.  Bringing in natural elements such as these all help us feel closer to nature which is a very important part of the hygge concept.

Create a Reading Nook

Taking a break with a good book is one of the mainstays of hygge, especially in winter when people are cooped up inside. Every hygge home needs that perfect place to curl up, relax and read. It’s a space where you can be at peace and feel safe, and have a cup of hot cocoa. Layer pillows, throws and blankets to try to disconnect from the noise of everyday.  As someone who does spend a lot of time on the couch in the evenings, I must say that a great blanket makes a difference in this space

Warm your soul

Keeping your spirits up in the winter is also about doing stuff that warms your soul.  You cannot have hygge without gifting yourself time to just be.  View it as a time to replenish yourself, to catch up on sleep, and to connect with family and friends.  Don’t forget your favourite rituals either—like slowly brewing your morning tea, listening to an audio book during your commute, or putting on those worn-in loafers when you return home from work. These rituals may seem small and meaningless, but they are very comforting—and will help you feel cared for, and grounded.  Therefore, during the winter months, make it even more of a point not to skip them.

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